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Sedation Dentistry 

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Fight Back Against Anxiety & Fear

If your child is nervous about coming to the dentist or has dental anxiety, sedation dentistry from Dr. Alex at Kids Tooth Team may be just what you need to help them get the care they need. We offer gentle care for patients in Buda, Kyle, or Manchaca, so contact us to learn more about your child’s sedation options and schedule an appointment today.

Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing gas is the most common method of sedation for kids. Your child will wear a nose mask, and breathe in a mixture of laughing gas and oxygen. They will feel “floaty,” and disconnected from what’s happening around them. This gas helps to minimize anxiety, fear, and discomfort, and also helps to minimize a child’s strong gag reflex. 

Laughing gas rarely causes side effects which are minor if they do occur (minor headache, dizziness, or upset stomach). Your child will be given 100% oxygen at the end of the appointment to “flush” the laughing gas out of their system so that they can resume normal activities almost immediately after the appointment.

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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a safe and effective technique that uses a liquid sedative that your child will take 15-30 minutes before their appointment once they are at the office. Dr. Alex has experience using many different types of oral sedation medicines and will tailor the sedation medicine to your child and their needs. After it takes effect, they will feel groggy and sleepy. They may fall asleep during their treatment, and it is normal for them to not remember most of the appointment or being at the dentist’s office. However, they still can be woken up and are responsive to commands. 

Your child cannot eat or drink anything after midnight the night before this type of sedation, and they may not go to school or any activities before or after this appointment. A parent or legal guardian must bring the child to the appointment and must remain home with the child for the day to closely monitor them. It takes a few hours for oral conscious sedation to wear off and may cause side effects like confusion, nausea, drowsiness, and a headache.

Intranasal Sedation

Intranasal sedation uses a sedative medication that is sprayed into your child’s nose using a specialized sprayer. This is a good option if your child isn’t able to take an oral sedation medication or for certain quick procedures. 

The sedative usually takes effect within 5-15 minutes, and it produces a deeper level of sedation. Your child may feel groggy or even fall asleep. Your child cannot eat or drink anything after midnight the night before this type of sedation, and they may not go to school or any activities before or after this appointment. A parent or legal guardian must bring the child to the appointment and must remain home with the child for the day to closely monitor them.

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The Benefits of Sedation

Why choose sedation for your child? You’re in good hands at Kids Tooth Team. We’ll ensure your child is safe, comfortable, and can get the care they need. Sedation is not one size fits all. We offer many levels of sedation to fit your child and their exact needs, and offer many treatment options that do not include sedation at all! Know that your child’s safety and comfort are our #1 priority at all times, so we will be sure to review all of your child’s options for treatment together before we move forward.

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Relief From Anxiety

If your little one is nervous or scared of the dentist, sedation will help soothe them and ensure they feel safe throughout their treatment at Kids Tooth Team.

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Kids Stay Calm & Comfortable

Your child can stay still, comfortable, and calm throughout even the longest dental appointment with sedation at Kids Tooth Team.

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Deal With Fear of Needles & More

Many kids are very afraid of needles, which makes numbing difficult. Sedation can help them overcome this fear, and also address other issues like a strong gag reflex.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a common treatment option for pediatric dental patients that are very young or require a lot of dental work or invasive and complex dental work. This is a sedation method that is delivered with the help of a residency-trained dental or medical doctor called an anesthesiologist.

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The Benefits of General Anesthesia

This sedation allows your child to be completely asleep and comfortable throughout the appointment. Your child will not feel or remember anything about this appointment because they will be asleep in the same way they would for other surgeries. General Anesthesia is done with an anesthesiologist present providing the sedation and Dr. Alex completing the dental work. Having two doctors present allows us to get all of your child’s dental treatment needs done at one time and ensure that they are safe and comfortable.

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Does My Child Need General Anesthesia?

We offer this option in the office for healthy children and also at the hospital for medically complex children or for any parent that may prefer a hospital setting. General Anesthesia is commonly used for children that are young, have special healthcare needs, and/or require extensive or complex dental treatment. If your child has many teeth that need treatment or extractions, or if they are simply unable to tolerate dental treatment while they are awake, then this may be an ideal option to accomplish their treatment needs.

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Hospital Affiliations

Dr. Alex is a credentialed provider at the following hospitals and surgery centers in the greater Austin area:
Dell Children’s Medical Center</a >

Dr. Alex is one of very few pediatric dentists in Austin that has privileges and blocked operating room time at Dell Children’s.

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